WordPress Training

Step-by-step tutorials from getting domain name, getting hosting and installing WordPress on your domain via your hosting.

1. Getting Your Domain Name

I recommend registering your domain with Namecheap, however, whether you buy your domain at Namecheap, GoDaddy or anywhere else it does not matter much.

The reason why I recommend Namecheap is simply because they are super easy to use, and all domains come with free WhoIsGuard (privacy protection).

Click here to go to Namecheap.com

2. Getting Hosting

Please note that all hosting solutions work and it's completely up to you to decide which hosting solution you'd like to go with.

Most hosting solutions have a similar set up and so you'll still be able to follow the tutorials if you don't go with what we use.

That said, we recommend that you go with Siteground as it has super fast loading times, works perfectly with WordPress and Thrive, has excellent customers support and comes with easy and free to setup SSL and HTTPS.

Click here to go to Siteground.com

3. Connecting Domain With Hosting


4. Installing WordPress via cPanel

This is how to install WordPress on your domain + activating the SSL certificate (HTTPS Secure site)

5. Logging Into WordPress for the First Time