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Get Personalized 1-on-1 Mentorship From a Full-time Affiliate Marketer With More Than 7+ Years of Experience in the Online World Who Can Help You Break-through and Get the Results You NEED, Starting Today...

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Get Crystal Clear and Confident On Your Marketing Strategy Now

Are you struggling with affiliate marketing? Are you overwhelmed and overworked? Why do you think you haven't succeeded yet?

When we put our head down to work, and make money online, it's often done with a lot of doubt and insecurities. Even though we've consumed tons of training courses, we still like there's something missing...

On top of that, there's shiny objects that flood our email inbox every day, with amazing opportunities that we don't want to miss out on.

This combination typically leads to a lot of 'grind work' and lack of focus. This means you're spinning your wheels and working hard, without getting anywhere.

What If You Could...

  • Make $100-$200 per day, every single day...
  • Feel absolute confident and have no doubts
  • Work less hard, and make more money
  • Be successful in your niche
  • Eliminate overwhelm and stress
  • Get paid from your efforts, quit your job and keep it that way.
  • Travel where-ever you want, and make passive income on autopilot

 I Escaped the Rat Race ...

As an entrepreneur, being stuck in a soul sucking job is no joke.

My ears were ringing, as I was on my 5 minute break, and all of a sudden... I hit the ground.

I'd been feeling stressed for a very long time, but this was the first time I passed out.

The stress of working 8-10 hours a day in a high-pressure, office environment as a call center employee, was proving to slowly assassinate me from the inside out.

 "I just wanna quit my job and be free"

Every day after work, I would get on my PC, and try to figure out how to really make enough money online so that I could quit my job....

I had no energy left, but I knew that if I didn't do anything, I would be stuck forever in a call center, which was certain to eventually kill me.


This state of spinning wheels, feeling stressed, having health issues, trying to make money online to get away, had become this constant grind that I'd just had enough of.

I had already spent over $10.000 in courses, softwares and other lotions and potions to supposedly get to where I'd always wanted to be.

 What Was The REAL Problem?...

Don't take my use of the word problem lightly. Normally I would use the word challenge, obstacle, or an inconvenience, but I discovered a true problem, that was the reason for why I had been stuck, struggling to make ends meet with my online affiliate business.

And if you're struggling in your business too, I can almost guarantee that it's for the same reason...

 Addicted to blue pills ...

I'm talking about the marketing, indoctrination, and conditioning this industry and gurus have been convincing you to believe, which serves you no purpose.

In the movie The Matrix, the "blue pill" refers to the illusion of the world that the gurus, and the industry want you to believe...

They want you to believe that the products they sell does the heavy lifting, and that it doesn't matter what you do as a person. Expectations are set in a way that ensures you keep buying product after product when things get tough, because it feels good to believe that a certain product you buy can be the solution to all your problems, just by buying it and clicking a few buttons.

 I've Had Enough. Time To Get To Work for REAL...

At this point, I thought I knew a lot, but I realized that you don't know anything before you've seen it with your own eyes, so I focused on 80% action, and 20% training, instead of the other way around...

 I Got Myself a Mentor...

I still didn't knew the best route to go, so I found a group of people which lead me to find a mentor that wanted to help me. I then picked his brain to understand the mindset I had to adopt for my strategy to work.

I went deep, and became lazer focused on the objective - to get traffic, get leads and get sales.

Not only did this take me less time and work than before, but I was actually getting sales and making money...


Here's the first sale I got under the guidance of my mentor, obviously I was excited.


A few days later, I got two sales in the same day...


Building the momentum

$295 DAY

From there, it just kept going, and soon after I made almost $300 in a day.

 Help When Needed...

Every time there was something I didn't quite understand, or had mental blocks with, my mentor was there for me...

What I discovered, wasn't that there was a specific strategy that just worked really well, but it was the way I was thinking about myself, the strategy and how well I executed with the right focus.

 The Antidode To Struggling With Affiliate Marketing?...

Looking back, it's clear that the reason why it took me so long to make a consistent income online, was purely because of my own actions.

I did the best I could, with the resources I had available, but unfortunately, if you don't know the truth, and if you believe in the wrong things, it's impossible to see success before you get those issues taken care of.

Once taken care of, you can jump into any money making strategy, and get results like this after just 1 day...

This was also without using email marketing, and through completely free traffic, just one day after I launched this campaign.

 Living the dream...

I can thank my mentor for this, as he was the reason for me to finally see things for what they are, what to focus on and how to execute to get results.

I now spend my time mostly in Thailand and other parts of South East Asia, eating out 3 times per day, and have been doing that for the past year, making money online with less effort and struggle, and my stress and anxiety is gone completely.

If you wanna do the same, and take your affiliate marketing business to the next level, you need my help and guidance to show you how to get it done.

I want to personally help you with getting your s#*t together, and finally see results for yourself.

I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my mentor at the time when I really needed him, but I realize how powerful it can be, and not just that, but seeing things and experiencing that transformation for myself, means I can help you go through that same transformation, no matter where you are in your online business and where you want to go.

This is not gonna be extreme or even difficult, you just need to understand it, and have somebody to reach out to when you need it, which is what we'll be working together to do.

You can quickly start earning money like this once you and I start working together...

And not too long after, you'll make commissions like this consistently... 

Want To Know The Secret?

Note: This is the solution to my discovery...

What I'm about to tell you will either upset or excite you...

I will not judge you for your reaction, that's not in my place to do.

You can do with the information as you wish. I am here to let you know the truth as I see it, and provide you with practical steps you can then take to get the results you desire in your online business.

So if we can agree that the truth is better than the alternative, let's go...

The influencers, gurus and big marketers in our industry have conditioned you to believe in the blue pill internet marketing dream, that anybody can be successful with the right tools and training.

That is not true.

Some people never succeed, because their mindset is handicapping them.

While you're the only one in control, and ultimately your failures are yours, and your wins are yours as well, the fact that most marketers struggle for years is no coincident. 

It's not your fault that you've been misdirected.

Take the Loss, it is what it is.

We can't control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond.

As you're reading this sentence, wondering if this program is for you, you've got a decision to make that will absolutely, without doubt change the direction of your life forever, right here and right this second...

You Have a Choice To Make...

...and not making a choice, is the worst choice.


Red Pill or Blue Pill?...

The Gurus Have Been Feeding You the Blue Pill For Long Enough... It's time to spit it out and take control of your life...


Personal One-on-One Mentorship w/ Jonas




Here's what you get today:

1 x Consistent Cashflow Clarity Session

Unlimited Chat Access via WhatsApp

Custom video trainings from me by request


The 3 Things We'll Be Focusing On...



We start with mindset because without it, nothing else matters. Here we don't just talk about generic mindset stuff that you've heard before, but we transform your old way of thinking about marketing and the online world, into somebody who truly understands the dark secrets of the industry, and how they are holding you back.



The strategy you choose should match your personality type as you must commit to go deep instead of wide. We'll develop the perfect strategy for you so that your daily actions make sense to you and are enjoyable. For every day, you'll get better and better at the skills involved in your strategy, and you'll not only make more money, but it'll get easier too.



Depending on who you are, you'll either be good or bad at executing your plans into actions. If you're already good, we'll streamline your workflow and make sure you're even better. If you're struggling with this, we'll found out why, and implement the perfect solution so that all that you do professionally compliments your main outcome.

 BONUS: Limited Time Free Bonuses ...

Follow Up Cheat Sheet

21 Ways To Convert New Leads Into Sales FAST

Also includes 9 Types of Follow Up Emails you can send to your list and which ones to use most often. Once you've read this quick cheat sheet you'll have an instant understanding of how to do effective email marketing.

7-Day 'Fill-in-the-blanks' Indoctrination Email Campaign

These 10 emails are designed to be sent over a 7 day period for maximum indoctrination into your world. Simply just fill in the blanks to suit your sub-niche and offer and you've got a high-converting follow-up series ready to go.

4 Done-For-You Funnels 

I've created 4 squeeze page with thank you pages for the Make money online niche that you can take, edit, customize and use for yourself. I've used all these funnels myself and specifically hand-picked these because of their performance. The funnels can be imported and used by you via Thrive Architect or Clickfunnels.

What You Get Today For Joining

  • 1 x Consistent Cashflow Clarity (CCC) Session via Zoom

VALUE: $297 per session

  • 24/7 'Ask Me Anything' Chat Access via Skype/WA

VALUE: $497/mo

  • Custom Video Training From Me by Request

VALUE: $47 per video

  • Follow Up Cheat Sheet

VALUE: $197

  • 7-Day 'Fill-in-the-blanks' Follow-up Emails

VALUE: $297

  • 4 Done-for-you Leadgen Funnels

VALUE: $297

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE: $2,176.00+ (Priceless)

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I know I can achieve my goals now...

I'm glad to meet a mentor like you that has understanding about my situation.I know I can achieve my goals now because someone like you who was also in the same situation like me before will guide me on how to get good results in this business.

RAYMOND  //  Internet marketer


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